Japanese Guitar Straps -Leather End

Nishiki-Ori Series    -50mm width Guitar Straps-

Nishiki-Ori is a generic name for a Japanese traditional textile which weave out brilliant and beautiful patterns using gold and silver or color threads, it is used for Japanese Kimono or sash belt, as well as for bags, stage costumes, etc.
Nishiki textile is weaved by about seventy textiling machines that are existing in Japan, our Nishiki-ori series is finished with the highest texture and dignity as a guitar strap.

Length adjusting: 79-140cm (between both endpin holes)


Tatami-Beri Series    -50mm width Guitar Straps-

The Tatami-beri is beautiful material like a kimono sash for the edge of Japanese Tatami. All Tatami-beri are made in Kojima of Kurashiki that is the largest producer of traditional Tatami-beri in Japan.
Some designs are cases when discontinue at one season.

Length adjusting: 79-140cm (between both endpin holes)


Japanese Crepe style Fabric Series    -50mm width Guitar Straps-

This Series is used crepe fabric like Japanese traditional texture "Chirimen", it is very soft and smooth material as used for Japanese kimono.

Length adjusting: 79-140cm (between both endpin holes)


Japanesque Series    -50mm width Guitar Straps-

Featured the traditional patterns or icons, and Japanese dance of funny skeletons etc... those are associated with Japanese culture.


Length adjusting: 79-140cm (between both endpin holes)


70mm Width Bass Strap Series

Length adjusting: 90-160cm (between both endpin holes)