Advance Series

「Advance Series cables are fusion of fashion and tone.

Colorful plugs with unique white cables made in Japan. Realizing low noise and open sound by high-end OFC Cables. Heavy duty custom made plugs with colorful aluminum parts and Japanese hand craft guaranty solid and perfect connection without signal loss or other troubles.


Advance Red
LAW-15C L/L RD 15cm L-L
LAW-20C L/L RD 20cm L-L
LAW-30C L/L RD 30cm L-L
LAW-50C L/L RD 50cm L-L
LAW-30C S/S RD 30cm S-S
LAW-50C S/S RD 50cm S-S
LAW-1M S/S RD 1m S-S
LAW-2M S/S RD 2m S-S
LAW-3M S/S RD 3m S-S
LAW-5M S/S RD 5m S-S
LAW-7M S/S RD 7m S-S
LAW-10M S/S RD 10m S-S
LAW-30C S/L RD 30cm S-L
LAW-50C S/L RD 50cm S-L
LAW-1M S/L RD 1m S-L
LAW-2M S/L RD 2m S-L
LAW-3M S/L RD 3m S-L
LAW-5M S/L RD 5m S-L
LAW-7M S/L RD 7m S-L
LAW-10M S/L RD 10m S-L


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Advance Orange
LAW-15C L/L OR 15cm L-L
LAW-20C L/L OR 20cm L-L
LAW-30C L/L OR 30cm L-L
LAW-50C L/L OR 50cm L-L
LAW-30C S/S OR 30cm S-S
LAW-50C S/S OR 50cm S-S
LAW-1M S/S OR 1m S-S
LAW-2M S/S OR 2m S-S
LAW-3M S/S OR 3m S-S
LAW-5M S/S OR 5m S-S
LAW-7M S/S OR 7m S-S
LAW-10M S/S OR 10m S-S
LAW-30C S/L OR 30cm S-L
LAW-50C S/L OR 50cm S-L
LAW-1M S/L OR 1m S-L
LAW-2M S/L OR 2m S-L
LAW-3M S/L OR 3m S-L
LAW-5M S/L OR 5m S-L
LAW-7M S/L OR 7m S-L
LAW-10M S/L OR 10m S-L


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Advance Green
LAW-15C L/L GN 15cm L-L
LAW-20C L/L GN 20cm L-L
LAW-30C L/L GN 30cm L-L
LAW-50C L/L GN 50cm L-L
LAW-30C S/S GN 30cm S-S
LAW-50C S/S GN 50cm S-S
LAW-1M S/S GN 1m S-S
LAW-2M S/S GN 2m S-S
LAW-3M S/S GN 3m S-S
LAW-5M S/S GN 5m S-S
LAW-7M S/S GN 7m S-S
LAW-10M S/S GN 10m S-S
LAW-30C S/L GN 30cm S-L
LAW-50C S/L GN 50cm S-L
LAW-1M S/L GN 1m S-L
LAW-2M S/L GN 2m S-L
LAW-3M S/L GN 3m S-L
LAW-5M S/L GN 5m S-L
LAW-7M S/L GN 7m S-L
LAW-10M S/L GN 10m S-L


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Advance Blue
LAW-15C L/L BL 15cm L-L
LAW-20C L/L BL 20cm L-L
LAW-30C L/L BL 30cm L-L
LAW-50C L/L BL 50cm L-L
LAW-30C S/S BL 30cm S-S
LAW-50C S/S BL 50cm S-S
LAW-1M S/S BL 1m S-S
LAW-2M S/S BL 2m S-S
LAW-3M S/S BL 3m S-S
LAW-5M S/S BL 5m S-S
LAW-7M S/S BL 7m S-S
LAW-10M S/S BL 10m S-S
LAW-30C S/L BL 30cm S-L
LAW-50C S/L BL 50cm S-L
LAW-1M S/L BL 1m S-L
LAW-2M S/L BL 2m S-L
LAW-3M S/L BL 3m S-L
LAW-5M S/L BL 5m S-L
LAW-7M S/L BL 7m S-L
LAW-10M S/L BL 10m S-L


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Advance Purple
LAW-15C L/L PU 15cm L-L
LAW-20C L/L PU 20cm L-L
LAW-30C L/L PU 30cm L-L
LAW-50C L/L PU 50cm L-L
LAW-30C S/S PU 30cm S-S
LAW-50C S/S PU 50cm S-S
LAW-1M S/S PU 1m S-S
LAW-2M S/S PU 2m S-S
LAW-3M S/S PU 3m S-S
LAW-5M S/S PU 5m S-S
LAW-7M S/S PU 7m S-S
LAW-10M S/S PU 10m S-S
LAW-30C S/L PU 30cm S-L
LAW-50C S/L PU 50cm S-L
LAW-1M S/L PU 1m S-L
LAW-2M S/L PU 2m S-L
LAW-3M S/L PU 3m S-L
LAW-5M S/L PU 5m S-L
LAW-7M S/L PU 7m S-L
LAW-10M S/L PU 10m S-L


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Advance Pink
LAW-15C L/L PK 15cm L-L
LAW-20C L/L PK 20cm L-L
LAW-30C L/L PK 30cm L-L
LAW-50C L/L PK 50cm L-L
LAW-1M L/L PK \3,200 1m RL-L
LAW-30C S/S PK 30cm S-S
LAW-50C S/S PK 50cm S-S
LAW-1M S/S PK 1m S-S
LAW-2M S/S PK 2m S-S
LAW-3M S/S PK 3m S-S
LAW-5M S/S PK 5m S-S
LAW-7M S/S PK 7m S-S
LAW-10M S/S PK 10m S-S
LAW-30C S/L PK 30cm S-L
LAW-50C S/L PK 50cm S-L
LAW-1M S/L PK 1m S-L
LAW-2M S/L PK 2m S-L
LAW-3M S/L PK 3m S-L
LAW-5M S/L PK 5m S-L
LAW-7M S/L PK 7m S-L
LAW-10M S/L PK 10m S-L


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